How long do you spend on Twitter and Facebook?

The average Briton spends one day a month online, meaning that British web users are spending 65% more time online than 3 years ago.

What’s more, 22.7% of that time is spend on social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter – think of the amount of people you could be accessing by tapping into this audience!

Also, unkike many other forms of marketing and advertising your business, social networks are free. So what’s stopping businesses from ravishing this market and shaking it like a dog with a bone?

Time and know how… Most people know that social media is the way forward but don’t have any idea how to go about it, or understand how to use it to best promote their business…

Admitedly it is a big world and does require a lot of time, inspiration and dedication. There is no point in setting yourself up with a facebook page and Twitter account only to let it sit there empty with a few random followers (you know the ones, those people who add everyone just to try and make themselves look popular!) In fact, having an empty profile is worse than not having one at all as it makes your business appear to not know what they are doing (even though that probably is the case, you don’t want everyone else knowing that do you?)

If you think about how much time and real expertise it takes to fully comprehend social media you could be sat there for a long time.. I have been a smeek (social media geek, I’m coining that phrase!) for about 3 years now and still I learn something new everyday. I’m not sure if I was running a business and had a full time job whether I would be able to dedicate so much time to keeping my profiles up to date… thank goodness I can tweet now until my heart’s content!


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