Hot Gossip’s Quick Guide to: Twitter Lists


So we decided to run a series of  ‘Quick Guide’ blogs, providing you with simple, easy to understand and quick to implement tips.

Today it’s the Twitter List. Most people understand how to send, reply to, retweet and favourite tweets but have you explored the Twitter List? It’s a powerful tool for your business and will help you make the most of your time…


The Twitter List is a great way to organize who you are following.

I don’t know about you, but most people are following over 300 people, businesses and brands on Twitter. Some may be local so you want to do business with them, some may be your customers, some may be celebs (come on, admit it you are always waiting for Stephen Fry’s latest offering)

As the number of people you follow grows, so does the amount of tweets you receive and it gets harder to find the important ones… the ones where someone is asking for the service you offer.

That’s where Twitter Lists come in!

Twitter Lists are its most powerful and least-used feature. Lists allow you to group those you are  following together so that you can track the tweets from the people you think are important, and stop them getting lost in amongst the chat from everyone else.

You can create separate lists for:

  • Customers
  • People in your industry
  • People in your locality
  • People in professional organisations
  • People you network with

Extra tip: if you create a list for your customers, make sure it’s set to private, so that competitors can’t see them!

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