5 ways to engage fans on Facebook




We’ve all been there… you open up your Facebook page click into the ‘update status’ box and…. nothing.

You can’t think of anything interesting to write, let alone a post that will get your fans liking and commenting.

We’re here to help! These fail-safe posts will keep your page fresh, fun and busy!

1. If in doubt, post a photo!

Posts with an image and a simple comment asking for fans opinions are a great way to catch the eye of your fans. Try and relate the picture to them too; if it’s hot, post a picture of a nice cold drink and ask them ‘what’s your favourite cold beverage on a warm summer’s day?’

2. Let them fill in the……

Asking fans to fill in the blank in a sentence is a fun way to encourage engagement. Try and relate it back to your product or service, for example, ‘When I get up in the morning, the first social media I look at is…………..’

3. Give something away!

Everyone loves a freebie, it doesn’t have to be big, just pick something which you think will appeal to your customers and ask them to ‘like’ your page and ‘share’ the post to be entered into a draw to win. Obviously you will then need to get everyone’s names off and put them into a hat to pick a winner, but a give away post will not only engage your fans, it will encourage them to share your page with their friends.

4. Talk about things that are going on in your area of business /locality/ in the news

You don’t have to just talk about your product and service. Updates which discuss a common theme will relate to your fans. If there is a local event going on, ask them if they are going to it; if the football is on (perhaps not the World Cup or Wimbledon… sob) ask them who they want to win; if a Royal baby is born, find out what they think it will be called!

5. Share content from other pages

With the ‘use Facebook as’ button, browse the updates of the pages your business ‘likes’. If any post is relevant and will appeal to your fans, share it and add your own view/comments.  Not only are you creating an engaging post, your page is itself engaging with another business’ page.


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