In one internet minute…

In just 1 Internet minute 204 million emails are sent, 6 million Facebook pages are viewed and 1.3 million YouTube clips are downloaded.

If you are a business owner reading this and you don’t have a Facebook page, or yours leaves a lot to be desired, I guess your are thinking you best get your act together right?

The study by chipmaker Intel also found that mobile devices have made a huge impact on theĀ amountĀ of data traffic crossing the network and predicted that by 2015, the number of networked devices is expected to be double the world’s population.

Just think of all those people who could be viewing your page, downloading your videos, viewing your pictures and looking at your website on their smart phone.

Take a look at the full study here, and give Hot Gossip Social Media a call on 0845 250 0602 to get your business socially savvy.



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